One comment on “The Gall Bladder Matter

  1. The Canadian View of US

    Today in the US, it’s virtually impossible to believe what the “enemy” politicians and media say.
    But here’s a completely unbiased view of what we’ve become.
    I hope you watch this because I guarantee it will open your eyes.
    Good points, well presented

    From Canada. Well worth the time it takes to view.

    O.k. – the world is laughing at us as we bury ourselves in debt just to allow “political correctness” to correct the past wrongdoings. Take the time and see this video – worth the time. The only thing which keeps me optimistic is I remember Canada in l991 – a real mess!

    I don’t know about you but my ancestors were in Europe when slavery was happening in America. I come from a German and Swedish descent – both countries who fought for equality and are very socialist in nature. Socialism works if the people are indigenous of the region ( all Swedes). When we have a melting pot of people Socialism never works.

    TIme we wake up and get our fiscal house in order or all these social procurements won’t matter! Fear is a very odd motivator!

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