I have been offering my inner thoughts and creativity int he form of educated rants and offbeat short fiction for almost four years running. The world is switching its focus to an online based economy that is monitored by social media giants that wish to impose their viewpoints. In order to keep this site free of this contamination would you consider helping but making a small monthly financial commitment on Patreon on its behalf? A dollar a month would go a long way to keeping this  site viable in current times of increasing moral hazard. Thank you in any case for your continued interest and active viewership. I hope that my ongoing efforts to inspire through my writings will continue to hold your interest and with your help allow it to continue on into the future uninterrupted. Thank you!


In addition to my bi-annual print versions composed of selections from Exist Ants  available on a new anthology of theater scripts and screenplays entitled “Customers & Characters” has just been published in both softcover and on Kindle at Five hundred pages of the fantastic and eclectic in visually written movie format.

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